Jim Keen is an award-winning photographer and film maker. He has won over 100 regional and national awards for his photographic art and his work is in private and corporate collections across the US and in fifteen other countries. Professional recognition for his video work includes five Telly awards and three Communicator awards, and his film, Silent Climb, was featured at the Breckenridge Film Festival.

Jim is a mountaineer whose experience stretches from the glaciers of Canada and the Pacific Northwest to the high peaks of Colorado. In his quest to film and photograph the Colorado wilderness he has climbed all 54 of the state’s 14,000 foot plus peaks.

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  1. Mara Roberts says:

    Hi Jim,
    We are a freedom group in Pueblo, CO, and am wondering if you would be interested and open to come and speak to our group? Preserving ranchlands is so important today, as the UN Agenda 21 is trying to remove people from their lands, and our group is fighting that. We have had some success in Custer County, and are continuing the battle. You have a unique perspective, and we would love to hear you in person. And of course, you could bring your books, and sell them.

    Thank you so much,
    Mara Roberts

    • admin says:

      I would be glad to speak to your group. When do you meet & how many folks attend? Give me a couple open dates to choose from & I get it on my calendar.

    • jim keen says:

      Back in July I responded to your inquiry about me speaking to your group. I’m just checking in with you again since I didn’t hear back from you. Yes, I am available. Let me know if you are still interested.

  2. Ben Bright says:

    I would love to here the stories from your own lips. I am here in colorado, Alma, prmenetly. I could be down in the Springs with in 1.5 hours.
    Hope to see and talk with you soon.

    Ben Bright

  3. Ann Hargrove says:

    Are your books available for wholesale purchase by retailers such as ourselves of Ski Country Antiques?
    Thank you!

    Ann Hargrove

    • admin says:

      Yes, the standard wholesale price is a 40% discount, but right now I am offering an additional 5% off with your order using your credit card. Call me at 800/363-5336 Where are you located? The “Colorado Rocky Mountain Wide” book is almost gone.

    • jim keen says:

      Did you receive my message back in August? I do wholesale the books. Give me a call 719/337-8209

  4. Susannah Carroll says:

    Hi, I’m the Program Chair with the Denver Sky High Rotary club. We are a Community & Cocktails club and meet on Tuesday nights at 5:15pm at the Hampton Inn at I25 & Zuni. You came recommended as a speaker and I was hoping you’d be interested in speaking my club. I’m specifically looking to fill Sept 13 and if that doesn’t work for you, I have some openings in October as well. It’d be great for the club members to hear your presentation. If you’re interested and/or available, let me know.

    Cheers, Susannah

  5. Jim, I know you won’t remember me but you did meet me and my wife here in Colorado Springs not to long ago. Then we seen you at a few signings that we didn’t know you was suppose to be there, marked it up as a change thing. We did buy your book and you of course autographed it for us, for that I thank you so very much. It’s been on our living room table since. Well, the wife and I also own Gold Creek Productions and we are attempting to organize a “Colorado Authors Fair” in Cripple Creek, CO for next summer. Is this something you might be interested in? If you could contact me with an email address I should be able to send you some more details.

    George Enterman

  6. patricia lovering says:

    Love you and your photography of course

  7. Brooker Jennings says:

    Dear Jim,
    It’s me, Brooker Jennings. You signed the book that my grandma got me (Great Ranches of the West) at a Barnes & Noble in Wichita, Kansas. Do you remember? You gave me your phone number so if I ever moved to a farm or ranch I would be able to call you and tell you. I lost your phone number and I still haven’t moved to a farm or ranch but I would love to. If you would like to contact me, I’m on Skype or here’s my mom’s email: luvsteelers@com.net. I would like you to contact them that way because I would like to write you. I would like to exchange addresses so we could write one another. Excited to hear from you soon!

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