Haythorn Ranch: Nebraska

“Boy, you brought this trouble on yourself,” the captain shouted, shoving the teenaged stowaway into the arms of two sailors.  “Take him below to shovel manure!” It was 1876, and the two rough men hauled the struggling stowaway to the bowels of the ship. There was no turning back to port for this English cattle ship, so sixteen year-old Harry Haythornthwaite of Lancaster, England, crossed the Atlantic cleaning the stalls of the bulls bound for Texas. He did his job well, and when the bulls went ashore in Galveston, Harry accompanied them.  His care of the imported animals impressed the Texas cattle buyer, who hired Harry on the spot to continue his work with the bulls.  Over the next eight years, this Englishman would become a real cowboy, hiring on with cattle drives from Texas to Kansas and the Great Plains. At age twenty-four, Harry pocketed his life savings and tied all his earthly belongings on his horse for one final drive to Ogallala in the heart of the Sandhills country of Nebraska.For the rest of this story and that of 29 other great ranches check out the book. It’s on sale right now. The nearly 600 full color photographs will delight your eyes and the stories will touch your heart.

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  1. skyler says:

    @ the curtis annual horse sale i bought HR lady’s filly (HR four)

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