Great Ranches of the West

Bell Ranch
W Dart Ranch – Groseta

Likely Land and Livestock, Inc. – Flournoy
Lacey Livestock

Albertson/Nottingham Ranch
Bledsoe Ranch

Siddoway Ranch
Two Dot Ranch – Whittaker

Duff Buffalo Ranch
Anderson Ranch

Chain Ranch
Drummond Ranch

Eiguren Ranch

Vermilion Ranch – Goggins
Salmond Ranch

Haythorn Ranch
Monahan Ranch

Pine Creek Ranch – Hage
Van Norman Ranch

New Mexico
Nunn Ranch
Pasamonte Ranch – Britt

North Dakota
Froelich Ranch

South Dakota
Reeves Ranch

Bonds Ranch
White Ranch

Chew Ranch
La Sal Cattle Company – Redd

Diamond M Ranch – McIrvin

Circle Bar Ranch – Sylvester
Warren Ranch – Samuelson

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4 Responses to Great Ranches of the West

  1. An eye opening and heart touching portrait of a culture and industry that we are in great danger of losing. This book will help readers understand the urgency of preserving the Western ranchlands inhabited by families and rural communities that provide nourishing food for our nation, preserve a healthy natural environment and entrust that great American values will endure.

  2. John Stark says:

    When Great Ranches of the West came in the mail, my wife and I sat down and checked out every picture and every story. I don’t know what her childhood cowgirl dreams might have been, but I certainly reminisced about every stick pony and felt cowboy had I ever owned. Did you have a wheeled plastic pony named GeorgeHorse and trundle around your grandmother’s kitchen on it? From yesteryear’s stories of founding great ranches, to the heroic challenge of running a ranch in the twentyfirst century, Mr. Keen has captured in text and photos the bit of cowboy we would all like to be.

  3. Larry Whitney says:

    I would like some more signed copies of your Book. 775 482 5055

  4. Larry Whitney says:

    I would like some [six] more signed copies of your Book. 775 482 5055

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